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Suzuki Ertiga (7 Seater Luxury)

Our new Suzuki Ertiga is a stylish designed seven-seater. It has space for the driver plus six people and luggage.
This multi purpose car boasts high headroom, ample legroom and conscious positioning of the seats to ensure more than enough space for everyone, plus their gear. This vehicle is ideal for tours, staff transport and point to point transfers.
Toyota Hiace GL (14 Seater)

Our 14-seater Toyota Quantum is designed for comfort with ample space for each passenger. All our vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning and safety belts for our passenger's safety and comfort, this vehicle is ideal for group tours, staff transport and group point to point transfers.
Toyota Hiace Sesfikile (16 Seater) 

Our 16-seater Toyota Hiace Sesfikile is designed for comfort. Our Hiace Sesfikile can accommodate up to 15 passengers. This vehicle includes ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), roof and window emergency exit, driver and front passenger airbags, safety belts and durable PVC flooring which is there to prevent our passengers from any slip-ups. This vehicle is ideal for staff transport and group point to point transfers.
Mercedes Benz Sprinter (22 Seater)

Our 22-seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter is spacious and comfortable, this vehicle has plenty space to store luggage inside the luggage compartment located above each passenger's seat. Our Sprinter Mini buss also has wide windows for a broad view of Cape Town and its surroundings. This vehicle is ideal for group tours, group transfers, shuttling service and group point to point transfers.
BMW 5 Series (3 seater)

Travel in style… Our BMW 5 Series is designed with ample legroom space and cupholders giving you the perfect comfort luxury ride. This vehicle is perfect for Luxury Tours, Luxury Transfers and Luxury Point to Point transfers.
Hyundai H1 (7 Seater)

Our Luxury Hyundai can comfortably accommodate 7 passengers with ample legroom space, air-conditioning, cupholders and reclinable seats giving you a safe and relaxed journey. This vehicle is suitable for Luxury Tours and Luxury Point to Point Transfers.

Need more space?

Got loads of luggage? Need more space? Request our ¾ Ton closed top trailer and let's hit the road!

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