More about Staff Transport

Safety and Reliability

Our fleet park comprises of the latest Toyota Quantum and Suzuki Ertiga transport vehicles. Due to the excessive distances these vehicles cover, our replacement policy for each vehicle is between 6 to 12 months. This is to mitigate against undue wear and tear and to ensure maximum operational efficiency of each of our  vehicles. We ensure total compliance with Occupational Health & Safety necessitates that each of our staff transport vehicles is fitted with the following:
Fire extinguisher.
Emergency exit guidelines & signage.
Triangle, spare wheel & wheel replacement tools.
Multiple real time tracker devices.
Real time communication devices.

Covid Protocols adhered to

Driver compartment sealed off with a safety screen.
Each vehicle undergo multiple sanitizing sessions per day.
No passenger without compulsory masks allowed onboard.
Passenger spacing according to client & vehicle carrying capacity specifications.

Unicab's extra effort

We understand that, for most companies, their choice of a preferred transport vendor hinges not only on pricing, but on how safely & how reliably can their most valuable asset, their staff, be transported between their homes and office.

So, a typical question that a Transport /Facilities Manger might ask… “Besides Unicab’s traditional safety protocols, what additional measures has Unicab put into place to ensure the safety of staff in transit?”
Unicab has partnered with a mobile security company to provide additional security cover should any of their vehicles break down on any risky road or at any treacherous hour.
Unicab has signed agreements with most of the major taxi operators in the townships which would allow our vehicles to freely operate in these areas.
All our vehicles are equipped with the necessary permits to operate outside the COVID 19 lockdown hours.
UNICAB Staff Transport Division is also pleased to offer a total staff transport management solution in terms
of which, we are able to provide an app-based booking system incorporating features such as route scheduling, route optimization, route mapping and simplified billing.
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